Learning/unlearning 1-30.10.2022 for ARMAS fesitival at MUU

Learning /Unlearning makes an Interactive ‘memory machine’, it learns the information that comes in via the microphone and repeats it while the integrity slowly diminishes. Once every few minutes the disk spins and allows the information to be deleted from the audio loop. Touching the arbitrary nature of memory.

Proximity 19-21.08.2022, Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki

Proximity is an audio installation that reacts on the audience. Moving through the space you will be noticed and registered in sound, while being the input of the information yourself. Determining the distance to the sensors down the hall in an unreadable language.

Transmission, 29.10–14.11.2021 Project room, Helsinki

‘Transmission’ is exploring the owning of space in a discourse that is designed to be single direction. The three FM radio transmitters are dialled in to the same frequency and transmit their own sound-signal to a radio. You change the sound from a chord to a convoluted sound that changes as you navigate the space. With ones presence in the room the radio waves are warped and distorted. The transmitters are easily starved of energy by a body blocking the stream of light to the solar panels.


Shelving data, 12.5.-6.6.2021 Kuvan Kevät

‘Shelving Data’ is a reactive audio installation that takes your speech, records it and plays it through the shelf, records it again, plays it, records it again, plays it, etc. Taking your voice out of context. Developing that information into something new. something different, due of its mechanical transmission flaws. It is a good story teller, changing your voice to suit its narrative.







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