Portfolio selection for Kone application

Transmission, 2021, Project Room


‘Transmission’ is exploring the owning of space in a discourse that is designed to be single direction. The three FM radio transmitters are dialled in to the same frequency and transmit their own sound-signal to a radio. You change the sound from a chord to a convoluted sound that changes as you navigate the space. With ones presence in the room the radio waves are warped and distorted. The transmitters are easily starved of energy by a body blocking the stream of light to the solar panels.

Transmission is an interactive radio/audio installation, materials: radio transmitters, tone generators, solar panels, spotlights, radio.
Exhibition: 29.10–14.11.2021 Project room, Helsinki

Shelving Data, 2021

Interactive installation, materials: shelving unit, wooden planks, electronics, microphone.
Hand soldered and designed record and delay unit for ‘Shelving data’

Shelf recording played over a shelf, 2020

Tape loop playing the sound of the metal shelf being hit with contact speakers on the shelf itself. (2020)

Pendulum 2019

Multimedia installation, materials: TV, servomotor, wood, arduino.

Performance, Draakje III, 2019

Performance piece, materials: dragon suit (child size), guitars, vibrating motors, fan, microphones, amplifiers.

7.01, Bierum 2018

Kinetic audio installation, materials: Light sensitive tone generator, bug light, fan, amplifiers, speakers, cymbal, delay effect, metal wire.

3.08, 2015

Interactive audio installation, Materials: Light sensitive tone generators, amplifiers, speakers.